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IPO: Earn Awesome Returns While Investing In Primary Market [2024]

Earn Awesome Returns While Investing In IPO Primary Market

Primary market or IPO is buzzing in India. A huge number of companies has been listed on NSE and BSE and almost all of the IPO help investors to make truckloads of money.

Have you invested any of the IPO in 2017?

Some of the IPO are most liked by investors are Jubilant Food (current gain 1000%), Shree Pushkar (294%), Avenue Supermart (281%), Dilip Buildcon (269%), Shankara Building (217%), Salasar Techno (163%), CDSL (147%), Apex Frozen (134%), and the list is endless.

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Imagine how much you could earn while investing in the primary market. If you miss out to invest in the primary market then don’t dishearten as there are many IPO’s coming on your way.

Remember all IPO doesn’t make you money and investment in the primary market are sometimes risky. I will let you know which IPO to skip and where to put your hard-earned money.

Before you invest in Initial Public Offering, read and understand the companies record very carefully.

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All About IPO – Primary Market

When a company needs capital for its expansion or to operate, they list their company in the primary market. Although, they can go for bank loans and also borrow from others they need to pay an interest rate.

So, to avoid that, they offer shares of their company to the public. When you buy a share, you own a portion of that company.

Initial Public Offering is a way to which a private company becomes a publicly listed company by offering its shares for the first time to the public. Once the listing process gets over, it finally entered the secondary market that is a stock exchange like NSE or BSE.

How Can You Invest in Initial Public Offering?

You can invest in an IPO in two ways. One is Fixed Price Issue and the other one is Book Building Issue. Fixed price issue lets you invest where the price of the share remains fixed.

Whereas, in a Book Building Issue, you have involved in a bidding process. You have to bid on a specific range of price band with certain lot size.

All you need is a Demat cum Trading Account through which you can apply for an IPO. Once the allotment process over, you may receive shares in your Demat Account.

You can sell the shares at a premium price on the day of listing or you can hold it for the long-term. If you don’t get the allotment, then don’t worry as the money will be returned to you after some days.

Khel Risky Hain!

Beware of investing as Initial Public offering are normally issued by a new organization. So, the risk is always there for you as if the company is not good enough then the stock price may fall. In fact, it is very difficult to track the past records or performance of the company.

You can sell your shares on the listing day itself or you may hold the shares for long-term. One such IPO was Avenue Supermart that I recommend to hold it for a longer period. 

How To Make Quick Money From Primary Market

In 2017, many IPO’s come but some of them were the biggest hit. If you have been invested in below IPO, then you may earn a really handsome return. Check out the awesome gains by these companies within this year itself.

  Issue Details Price
Date IPO Name Issue Price Listing Price Open Listing
05-Oct Prataap Snacks 938.00 1250.00 25.62 1,169.95
03-Oct SBI Life Insura 700.00 735.00 1.14 668.50
27-Sep ICICI Lombard 661.00 651.00 3.11 685.00
25-Sep Capacite Infra 250.00 360.00 36.96 336.40
21-Sep 985.00 985.00 -8.51 867.50
18-Sep Bharat Road Net 205.00 205.00 1.54 178.55
18-Sep Dixon Technologies 1766.00 2725.00 63.81 2,749.45
04-Sep Apex Frozen 175.00 202.00 19.91 408.50
11-Aug Cochin Shipyard 432.00 461.00 20.83 571.40
10-Aug SIS 815.00 875.00 -7.15 777.50
25-Jul Salasar Techno 108.00 259.45 151.94 284.70
10-Jul AU Small Financ 358.00 544.00 51.17 571.75
04-Jul GTPL Hathway 170.00 170.00 0.97 141.75
30-Jun CDSL 149.00 250.00 75.57 369.10
29-Jun Eris Life 603.00 612.00 -0.32 563.35
27-Jun Tejas Networks 257.00 257.70 2.45 321.55
06-Jun IndiGrid InvIT 100.00 99.70 -1.55 96.55
29-May PSP Projects 210.00 195.00 -0.5 418.75
19-May HUDCO 58.00 76.50 25 80.80
09-May S Chand and Co 670.00 675.85 0.87 473.20
05-Apr Shankara Buildi 460.00 545.00 37.57 1,461.60
31-Mar CL Educate 500.00 398.00 -16.42 339.90
21-Mar Avenue Supermart 299.00 604.00 114.3 1,141.45
17-Mar Music Broadcast 333.00 413.00 12.06 380.60
03-Feb BSE Limited 806.00 1085.00 32.66 976.55

Most of them made a terrific debut and still counting. However, if you missed the opportunity to invest then don’t you worry at all. Check out the upcoming IPO on your way so that you can make tons of money.

If you want to invest in IPO then keep visiting IPO Snapshot where you get the latest info on upcoming IPO.

I hope you like this post and if you want to express your views or any query related to primary market, then comment below.

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Published on: Oct 25, 2017

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