How To Make Money Online in Share Market Trading

How To Make Money Online in Share Market Trading

We are living in an online era and millions of people are making money in millions around the world using the power of the internet. Have you ever heard of someone making money online while trading online in the stock market? You might have thought, there is an easy way to make money online.

However, there is no way to make tons of doing nothing. You have to work hard to generate enough cash otherwise you got trapped in an online scam or failed miserably.

If you’re new in the stock market then read the below post that helps you to understand more.

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Wondering How To Make Money Online From Share Trading?

It’s because you may not know where to start. Right? Even you wanted a shortcut to earn lots of easy money.

But my friend, there is really no shortcut method to earn money but with little know-how on share trading you can actually make tons of money.

For online share trading, all you need to have is a Demat cum Trading Account. You can open Demat & Trading Account with any nearby Broking firm or with banks. I prefer booking firm over banks as their skill is in share trading.

Where To Open Demat cum Trading A/c

Sharekhan, Angel Broking, Zerodha, or Motilal Oswal are some of the top broking firms where you can open Demat cum Trading Account and become your own boss.



Do a proper verification before opening Demat cum Trading A/c with the bank or broking firm.

Check the brokerage charges as it will be different for different companies, otherwise, you might end up working for hours for zero money.

Once you opened Demat cum Trading A/c, transferred some amount from your Bank A/c to your Trading A/c and start trading in share.

Wait! Wait! Please don’t hop into trading instantly.

Before start trading, all you need to do is to check the fundamentals and technical aspect of the share you intend to BUY. At this point, you don’t need to worry as I will simplify your work with the trading advisory.

How To Trade?

When you feel sick you call your doctor, when your bike or car is in trouble you call your mechanic. Likewise, you need an Analyst for trading and investment who gives you proper advice.

A stock market analyst helps you to decide which share to BUY, when to BUY  and, at what rate you will BUY.

Once you BUY share, monitor the price movement and when it moves upward SELL it immediately. Your earning will depend on a number of shares you bought and sold and the difference between buying & selling price of the share.

However, don’t forget to deduct, the brokerage and other statutory costs from your profit.

Suppose you have bought 100 shares of X company at Rs. 350/- and you sold the share at Rs. 360/-.

So you make a profit of Rs. 1000/-. Now, deduct the brokerage and taxes from your profit. What you have is the money you have made through online share trading.

Get In The Stock Market Now

I hope you may get some ideas about stock trading and how you can make money online out of it. Even you can try Forex trading which is similar to stock trading. Instead of stock trading, you will trade in a currency like USDINR, USDEUR, and other international currencies.

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Published on: Sep 26, 2017

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