Are you a newbie in the stock market?

Do you want to know how veteran investors like Warren Buffet, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and other grind money from the stock market?

Investment pathshala helps you to invest in stocks like professional investors.

After completing the Investment Pathshala training program, you will be confident enough to invest in stocks.

You will be able to identify good quality stocks that make tons of money for you.

So, before you step into the world of the stock market, make sure you have all tools and techniques.

Moreover, you also need to figure out which data may impact your stocks and so your portfolio.

Knowing the basic things of stock markets and how price moves are very crucial and critical.

The key to success in share markets is entry and exit. So, it is equally important for you to know when to enter and when to exit.

In the Investment Pathshala training program, all the fundamental aspects of the stock market investment will be covered.

Investment Pathshala – Be a Market Mogul

Session Time: 16 Hours (8 Days) –  2 Hours Each Day

Training Fee: 19,999/-   Offer Fee: 14,999/- 

Key Takeways

  • Intro to the world of stock market
  • Technical Analysis – Awesome Tools for traders
  • Fundamental Stock Analysis – Treasure for Investors
  • Futures Trading: Day Traders Favorite Stock Market Segment
  • Unfold Options Trading And Make Money Online Insanely
  • Currency Futures Trading
  • Commodity Future Trading
  • Stock Risk Management: How To Calculate Your Position Size
  • Learn How To Trade Stocks (Step By Step Guide)
  • What Are The Different Types of Trading Style
  • Stock Trading Tips That Work


Free mentorship program for lifetime.

Who is this course for?

Investment Pathshala for beginners is totally dedicated to someone who is totally new to the stock markets and you want to learn more, then this course is for you.

Perhaps you’re someone who wants to use the stock markets to help you generate a source of income to help you beat inflation or to just grow your wealth over time…

Then this course is just for you.

Why do you want to trade stocks?

There are many reasons why you may want to trade stocks:

You want to beat inflation
You want to grow your wealth
Earn a second income

In India, inflation is nearly about 3% to 4% a year.

And if I earn more than 4% a year trading stocks, then hey, I’m beating inflation!

I’m protecting and growing my wealth!

And if you are trading stocks on a shorter-term timeframe, you could be making anywhere from 2% – 5% a month, so it’s also possible to trade stocks for a living.

There are many reasons why you want to trade stocks.

But you really have to ask yourself what is the purpose of trading stocks before you dig deeper.

Because as you study later in the course…

You’ll realize that there are different approaches to trade stocks, and different methods have their own pros and con.

But we’ll get to that later.