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51 Small Manufacturing Business Ideas: The Complete List

small manufacturing business ideas

Are you in search of small manufacturing business ideas with low investment?

Here is the most complete list of small manufacturing business ideas that will work anywhere in the world.

In fact, you’ll find 51 awesome and smart small business opportunity on this post.

So if you’re looking to build your startup journey, you’ll really enjoy this awesome list of business ideas with small capital.

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1. Bakery Products – Small Manufacturing Business Ideas

Bakery products such as cake, bread, biscuits, and other food items are always in high demand. So, you can start small and scale it up as you grow.

You need raw materials like flour, starch, soda, salt, color, preservatives, vanaspati, sugar, flavors, and others. Apart from raw materials, you also need Oven, Grinder, and other baking materials.

You will have many bakery items that you can add to your menu for sale. This is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas as it has now become an essential food item of the vast majority of the population.

2. Banana Chips

Banana Chips are gaining popularity as snacks and are consumed by people of all age group. You may find less competition as compared with other segments.

You will have an ample opportunity as a new entrant and can easily dominate the market. However, you need to maintain good quality and competitive pricing.

Making Banana chips is an ideal small business example. It is really a low-cost business model.

3. Gram Flour or Besan

You will find gram flour or besan in almost every kitchen shelf these days. It can be made by pulverizing pulses, mainly gram. However, you need to pack with good quality food grade plastics.

Gram flour or besan is a low investment small manufacturing business opportunities for the small town. You can grab this manufacturing business idea to capture the market.

4. Beverage Making

Beverages are yet another manufacturing business idea where you try out. You can make fruit juice, soda, and others. People of all ages love beverages because of its taste.

5. Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew nut is one of the nutritious items vastly consumed all over the world. After Almond, cashew nut is the most important nuts.

Apart from its nutritious value, it is very tasty to eat and is used in sweet products as an add-on. So, you can start a cashew nut processing plant.

6. Cattle or Poultry Feed

Cattle or Poultry feed products are in great demand today. You may notice that there has been a substantial growth of cattle and poultry farms across the nation.

Cattle or poultry feed products manufacturing business idea will be a viable project for you. You can expect demand of the product around the year that also generates substantial income too.


7. Coconut Oil and Oil Cake

Coconut oil and oil cake are used vastly in the southern part of India. It has nutritional and medicinal value and also used as hair oils.

It has a steady demand and is a good small business idea in India for you.

8. Asafoetida or Hing Making Unit

Hing is used in Indian recipes and is one of the essential ingredients. You can make Hing by set up a small and low-cost unit. Once your business grows, you can expand.

9. Daliya Manufacturing

Daliya is a derivatives products of wheat which is one of the top sources of calorie. Moreover, it contributes a large part of carbohydrate needed for your body.

You can think of manufacture Daliya as there is an increase in demand for nutritional food. So, Daliya manufacturing is one of the great small business ideas you can try for.

10. Extruded Snacks or Namkin

Extruded Snacks or Namkin is ready to eat snacks widely available in small shops. You can manufacture as per the taste of people. Namkin is also popular as evening snacks and goes well with tea.

There is potential for you to set up an extruded nankeen-manufacturing units.

11. Fruit Bars

Fruits are available only during a specific season. So, you can tap the opportunity to preserve fruits and making fruit bars is one such method. Fruits like banana, mango, apple are best for making fruit bars.

12. Ginger and Garlic Processing

Ginger and Garlic are mainly used as a condiment in food preparations. It is also used as medicinal preparation. Ginger & Garlic-based products have wide applications in food processing.

13. Sesame Oil Making Unit

Sesame Oil is one of the edible oils used vastly in the southern part of India. It has nutritional and medicinal value. Moreover, it doesn’t create any cholesterol problems. In Southern Region Sesame oil is mainly used in pickles.

14. Groundnut Oil

Groundnut Oil is one of the edible oils used vastly in all parts of India. It also has great nutritious value. So, if you are health conscious then think about to start a groundnut oil making unit.

15. Gulkand

Gulkand is a sweet made of rose petals and is mainly used as an ingredient in paan to add more taste. It has a medicinal value and hence Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors suggest Gulkand for energy and good health.

16. Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is one of the delicious and tasty items, which is very popular worldwide. A nice aroma, attractive look, etc. are its qualities, which have created vast demand.

Making ice-cream involves simple technology for production and easy to handle. You can set up ice-cream manufacturing unit by which you can earn and also able to provide employment.

17. Jackfruit Products

You will find a good scope for setting up a jackfruit processing unit. Moreover, you can export the finished products because especially in the middle east.

18. Jam Jelly Murabba Manufacturing Business Idea

You can preserve fruits in the form of jam and jelly. This is one of the small manufacturing business ideas from home. It helps you to generate employment in urban as well as in the rural areas.

19. Kishmis and Bedana Processing

Kishmis and Bedana are popular dry fruits and is very delicious and tasty nutrients liked by all people. The basic raw material, grapes is a seasonal fruit.

The cost to set up is very low and so you can choose this small business idea.

20. Maize Flakes

Maize flakes have got many nutritional values. Because of the increase in health awareness, people are opting for healthy food items these days.

You can roast the maize flakes and mix with sugar and milk to get a healthy breakfast.

21. Masala or Spice Making

India is the land of spices. All you need is a basic sense of taste, flavors and market knowledge to start with. Set up of a masala unit is a very low-cost business model.

22. Milk Product

Milk is one of the basic nutrient available in abundance in India. From milk, you can make curd, butter, ghee, paneer, cheese, buttermilk, milk sweets, are very popular consumable items.

Milk-based items are consumed by the people of all ages. So, you may find this a viable business opportunity and one of the most successful small manufacturing business ideas.

23. Puffed Rice

Puffed Rice or Murmura is one of the very popular fast food in India. You can also make puffed rice snacks and market them. Making puffed rice is very easy and is one of the creative small manufacturing business ideas.

24. Mustard Oil Making Unit

Mustard Oil is one of the edible oils used vastly in Northern and eastern part of India. The oil has many medicinal values and people who live in cold regions prefer to use this oil. It helps to retain heat in the body.

Moreover, it makes your foods much more delicious.

25. Natural Mineral Water

Natural water is the most essential requirement of day to day life. The mineral water industry has great potential for success. However, cost to set up a mineral water plant is a little bit high.

The government provides a small business loan to carry out such kind of projects. So, you can apply for such a loan and build your dream.

26. Noodles Manufacturing Unit

Noodles are one of the popular fast-food item having very good market demand. You can prepare by using very simple technology with hand-operated machinery.

All you need is to mix with flour and water and noodled out of the machine and dried at 40-degree Celcius. You can add taste and aroma separately and packed in a small sachet to garnish with.

27. Onion Paste

Onion paste is one of the important ingredients of curries used by almost all household in the world. It is one of the items, which has high market demand.

Being involvement of simple technology, you can easily establish this unit and be successful in the business.

28. Organic Foods

Organic foods are healthy and have great nutritional values. If you have some land, then you can think of starting organic foods farming.

However, you can also source from organic farmers and market them with your own brand name.

29. Paddy Processing or Rice Mill

Rice is one of the important food, and setting up a rice mill will help you to earn a substantial income. Moreover, it is a low investment and small manufacturing business ideas.

30. Palm Jaggery (GUR)

Palm Gur is being consumed mainly by the specific target group who knows the medicinal value than the Gur made out of sugar cane.

You need small space and investment to start for such kind of business.

31. Papad Making Unit

Making papad requires very limited resources. It is one of the popular and delicious eatable items. You can make varieties of papad as per tastes.

32. Pickle Manufacturing Business Idea

Pickle is a very important part of Indian meals. So, pickle will always have strong demand. Moreover, the budget to set up pickle unit is also very low.

33. Poha Making

Poha is again one of the favorite items in Indian kitchen and mainly consumed in breakfast. You can make plain Poha or mix with masala and market them.

34. Popcorn

Who doesn’t like Popcorn? It is one of the amazing foods and liked by all. Set up of a popcorn unit requires very small space and low investment. Just pop the corn, pack and market them.

35. Potato Chips or Wafer

Potato chips have strong demand as large businesses are also in manufacturing. So, you might face strong competition. However, the size of the market is large enough and so you can also enjoy your pie as well.

36. Atta Mill

Setting up of a flour mill is yet another low-cost small manufacturing business ideas. You can start in a rented or your own premises and can earn.

37. Pulses Processing Unit

You can procure raw materials during harvesting season from the farmers and also from the wholesalers. All you need is to process and pack them.

38. Sattu Making Plant

Sattu is made by processing gram like flour mill. Gram is a commonly used pulse and dal or curry is made out of it. It is used in many vegetarian foods and snack preparations.

It is one of the small business examples that you can try out.

39. Soya Milk

Soya milk and related food products are becoming popular throughout the world. It is because of its good nutritional values and medicinal qualities.

Soya milk is high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate and contains no cholesterol. It is an excellent food for babies, children elderly people, and pregnant and lactating women.

Moreover, it contains vegetable protein, which is very nutritious and easy to digest.

40. Soya Sauce

Soya bean is a leguminous crop and is rich in proteins. Many value-added products are made from it like milk, paneer, cheese, and sauce.

41. Tomato Products

You can make tomato products like ketchup, Sauce, and tomato Puree which are very popular eatable items in India and abroad.

These products are delicious and add taste to the food and have become inevitable in daily life. You will find a very good demand in the national and international market.

42. Bamboo Based Items

Bamboo-based items and fancy articles are being used in every house in India and outside India. Bamboos are mainly grown in hill border areas and you may get it in plenty in the north-eastern states in India.

You can make various types of domestic utility, decorative and fancy articles. These items are produced out of bamboo by doing a certain preliminary process of bamboo with simple technology.

All you need is simple tools that are being used for making desired bamboo items by the traditional artisans.

43. Broom

Broom making is a traditional work and you can start with very low capital. It involves a very simple manual process and needs limited resources. Moreover, it is used wherever people need it clean any place.

You can make various types of brooms having long and short handles. It could be of different weight made out of coconut midribs, inflorescences of grasses or palm leaves.

44. Surgical Bandage

You can manufacture surgical bandages from white bleached cotton gauge cloth of suitable quality. These are available in various width and are packed in a unit of dozen for sale.

You will find surgical bandages mainly in hospitals and dispensaries.

45. Ceramic-Based Items

Ceramic art wares are highly decorated ceramic wares such as soup bowls, flower vases, napkin holders, nut bowls, and more. Furthermore, you can also make ceramic tableware

These products have a good demand from urban consumers as people love to decorate homes and offices with good quality ceramic art wares.

46. Cleaning Material

Cleaning material is used for cleaning utensils, floors, toilets, equipment, and others. You will find a huge demand for cleaning items in hospitals, canteens, hotels, and for personal use as well.

Making cleaning material is one of the small manufacturing business ideas with low investment in India.

47. Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps are extensively used in almost all offices as an official seal of the firm or the person. These rubber stamps are made in different sizes and shapes depending upon the requirement.

48. Electronic Gas Lighters Assembly

The Electronic Gas Lighter uses a piezo-electric crystal that generates a high voltage. It mainly used to ignite a gas stove for cooking.

It is durable due to its performance and economical as compared to the mechanical and electrical lighters. Moreover, it does not require any battery to run.

It is safer, economical, and reliable to use. Assembling gas lighters is yet another low investment small manufacturing business ideas.

49. Neon Sign Board

The Neon signboard is one of the most popular and attractive media of advertisement this days. It is widely used by industrial and commercial firms to branding their products.

You can reach out to local businesses for installing neon signboard. It is a good advertising option as it attracts the attention of people even from distant places.

50. PC Assembly

PC Assembly is one of the great small manufacturing business ideas. However, you need to have knowledge of computers. It is used by all businesses and also for personal use at home.

51. Soap Making

Soap making is an ideal low investment small manufacturing business ideas in India. However, you may face strong competition from big brands.

So, all you need is to come out with a unique category of soap and put a lot of effort on product marketing.

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