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5 Best Share Market Investment Strategies

5 Best Share Market Investment Strategies

Do you want to make money from stock market by using best 5 best share market investment strategies?

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Share market investment strategies are very crucial if you really want to earn money. It is not so easy for you to make money if you don’t follow them. Before you start trading, understand first the golden rule of share market.

Check out the 5 best share market investment strategies

Follow and stick to these principles and you will never lose money again.

1. Diversified your Investments

Investing money in different sectors is one of the share-market investment strategies. Never invest all your hard earned money in a single stock. Avoid buying stocks of different companies in the same sectors because of volatile nature of the stock market, some shares move up and some will head downwards. Diversification allows you to invest safely and your portfolio of shares will be stable and perform consistently under fluctuating market trends

2. Investment at the right time

Invest your hard earned money at the right time. The stock market nature is volatile and always follows ups and downs trends. So Buying stocks when the markets are down is always preferable. The securities are available at a discount price and so a number of shares can be bought. When the price of the stocks increases, sell the stocks and wait for the right time to re-enter.

3. Set achievable targets

Always set achievable targets as stock market always move up and down. Making huge money in a single day is not possible, so patience in the stock market is key to success. Opportunity always comes but you must follow the trend and trend can change.

4. Investment/Trading within a Limit

Invest and Trade within your capacity and limits as excessive trading might cause extreme losses. Always trade with calculative risk to avoid losses. Anticipating that Stock market will go up, and you have used excessive exposure but suddenly market changes its trends and then you end up with huge losses.

5. Set “STOP LOSS”.

Always after Investment set STOP LOSS to avoid losses or minimize losses. Securities always have the tendency to go up or down and they have their own limitations too. If the stocks or securities breaches or breaks certain limit it may change its direction too. So put STOP LOSS on your trade will keep you alive as you know that how much you will make losses if things don’t follow your way.


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Published on: May 31, 2017

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