Newbie Online Share Trading Guide In Indian Stock Markets

Best Newbie Online Share Trading Guide [2023]

Do stock markets always excite you? This awesome online share trading guide helps you to know better from scratch.

Are you really want to earn money from online stock market trading?

If you are a newbie, then you may be wondering where to go and how to kick-start your trading as a career.

Don’t worry! 

You will amaze to see significant change within a short span of time.

The only thing you may know about stock markets is to buy and sell shares and a quick way to earn lots of cash.

You may have thousands of queries like how to buy and sell shares, from whom you will buy and the list goes on. Isn’t it?

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If your head is spinning now, then don’t worry. I will guide you step by step from the basics of the stock market

After reading this online share trading guide, you will be able to buy and sell shares all by yourself and easily make millions.

Online Share Trading Guide

So, how you invest and trade in equity markets?

Before we dig further into the stock market, it is crucial to know how stock markets actually operate.

Online trading in shares from any stock market are similar to like you are buying clothes or other kinds of stuff from any other type of market.

Whenever you go to a market for shopping, you search for items from different shopkeepers who are actually the sellers.

While selecting items, what do you look for?

It is normally the price of the item. You also check whether the quality of an item is good enough for the offer price by the seller.

When you think that, it is ok with the offer price then deal happens between you and the sellers.

Don’t you think so?

It exactly happens in stock markets as well. Instead of buying an item, you purchase stocks or shares of a particular company in a stock market.

Stock exchanges like NSE – National Stock Exchange or BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange is the market. Sellers and Buyers of shares are thousands of people like you and me.

We trade and invest in a particular company’s shares with the help of stock exchanges and other intermediaries.

Just like you cross-checked before buying any item, you also need to analyze stocks before you invest.

Actually, stock markets provide you with a platform that helps you to do the transaction easily. You can easily find sellers of a particular share and vice versa in the stock markets.

Everything is in digital mode and so you won’t find any physical structure of the stock markets.

It is easily accessible right from your home electronically using a computer system or from your smartphone. You can also place your order via telephone too.

So, it will be better for you to initially invest in a computer system and get an internet connection. 

Stock Market Participants and Regulator

You don’t need to contact any company for purchasing shares. The stock markets are accessible through a registered intermediary called a stock-broker. 




Other intermediaries and stock market participants are DP, stock exchanges, companies, brokers, retail investors, domestic and foreign institutions, and others.

Each and every market participant’s goal is to make money from stock markets. Because of that greed and fear meter always run high.

One can easily involve in unfair practices like what Harshad Mehta’s scam happened in 1992.

So, stock markets need something that keeps an eye on market participants and regulates it with total transparency.

Securities and Exchange Board of India commonly known as SEBI is a regulator that keeps track of all the stock market activities.

It ensures that each and every market intermediaries adhere to its regulations and compliance. For the time being, all you need is a Demat cum Trading account for online trading and investment.

Now what is all about Demat cum Trading Account

Demat account is like your bank account. The only difference is that in Savings bank account you keep your money and in a Demat account you keep shares in digital format.

Suppose you buy 100 shares of ABC Ltd., then it will be highlighted as 100 Shares of ABC Ltd credited in your Demat account.

You can use a Trading account for the transaction in shares whenever you are buying or selling. Suppose you intend to buy 100 shares of ABC Ltd. and the market price or current price is at Rs.55/-.

So, you need an amount of Rs.5500/- in your Trading A/c to buy it.

All you need is to transfer the amount from your Bank A/c to your Trading A/c and half of your job will be done. After transferring the amount, you can buy ABC Ltd. shares.

When you finished buying shares, it will reflect in your Demat A/c and the same amount will get debited from your Trading A/c.

While reading this post, you might be thinking that where to get this Demat cum Trading A/c.

Well, you can open Demat cum Trading A/c through any banks or in a stock-broking firm. They provide you with tools and support so that you can easily trade and earn money.


In my opinion, you can search for any nearby registered broking firms like Zerodha, Aliceblue, Upstox, Samco, and the list goes on.

It is always better to open a Demat cum Trading A/c with broking firms instead of banks.

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Opened Demat cum Trading A/c? Start Online Trading

Before you start trading, learn the tools provided by your stock-broker. It is basically a software or web apps through which you will place buy or sell orders.

Try to grasp the features it provides so that you will be fully armed before you step into the world of stock trading.


Now that you have opened a Demat cum Trading account, it is time to invest. You can invest either in primary markets or in secondary markets.

Primary markets are also referred to as an IPO or Initial Public Offering and earn awesome returns while investing in IPO at the time of listing.

I assume you may have some ideas on how a stock market operates. If it is so, then keep reading this online share trading guide.

You need to dig further to understand better so that you become a pro trader from an amateur one.

As a newbie, you need to know the core concepts and products of a stock market that are interrelated. 

Before you take off your trading career, make sure you know all the stock market terminologies and clearing & settlement process.

Furthermore, you also need to aware of the corporate actions that impact stock prices. The stock markets also get influenced by key macro and micro-economics events. 

Before trading and investment check out the quality of the stocks by analyzing fundamentals and technical aspects of a share.

I recommend Multibagger stocks for long-term investment along with day trading ideas too. 

Remember the stock market is very risky so before you do any things always consult your brokers or financial experts.

Once you equipped with all the arms and skills, you need to understand the taxation structure of stock trading as well.

Read the below guides to know how you calculate and pay taxes on your profits:

Taxation Guide On Income From Online Stock Trading

Long-Term Capital Gains Tax 2018: Impact on Your Profit Margin

Now its time to follow the steps from the beginning. This online share trading guide will be a holy grail for you.

Steps to Follow: Online Share Trading Guide

Beginners Levels

     1: Intro to the world of stock market

     2: Technical Analysis – Awesome Tools for traders

     3: Fundamental Stock Analysis – Treasure for Investors

Pro Levels – Traders Love It

     4: Futures Trading: Day Traders Favourite Stock Market Segment

     5: Unfold Options Trading And Make Money Online Insanely

     6: Currency Futures Trading: Amateur Forex Trading Guide [2018]

     7: Commodity Future Trading (Upcoming Post)

     8: Make money from trading and investment? Time to pay tax! (Upcoming post)

I keep updating this great online share trading guide and write new ones too related to online trading in stock markets.

If you want any help or advice then comments below.

You can also express your views and suggestion to make this guide on stock markets a great one. 

If this guide helps you to achieve what you desire for and add value to your trading career, then like this post.

Also, don’t forget to share it on your social networks. Because sharing is caring.

Happy Investing!

Published on: March 8, 2018

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