IPO or Initial Public Offering lets you invest in a company that decides to get listed on a stock exchange and is also known as primary markets. Normally an IPO helps any company to raise funds as an equity capital by issuing new shares to the public. Once, IPO process gets over, shares of newly listed companies are traded on the secondary market.

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Open & Upcoming IPO – Initial Public Offering


IPO Name Issue Price Lot Size Open Date Close Date Issue Size  ( Cr.) Rating
Ashoka Metcast 20 6000 23-01-2018 25-01-2018 12.00
Amber Enterprises India 855 17 17-01-2018 19-01-2018 597.21
CRP Risk Management 60 3000 18-01-2018 22-01-2018 30.82
Shree Ram Protiens 27 4000 23-01-2018 25-01-2018 17.33
Gujarat Hy-Spin 10 10000 25-01-2018 31-01-2018 4.45

You can track open issue here and invest on it depend upon your risk appetite. All you need is a
Demat-cum-Trading account for investing in IPO market and if shares get allocated to you then you can sell the shares with the help of Trading account. 

If the shares are allotted to you, then you can see the number of shares in your Demat account itself. You can sell this shares on the day of listing or can keep it for long-term as per your wish.

We keep updating this page on regular basis to let you know which companies are going to list on National Stock Exchange (NSE) or Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). You can track the details of an Initial Public Offering like Issue Name, Issue Price, Lot Size, and Opening & Closing Date.

As soon as a new issue announced, we update the information that may help you to take a decision before investing.

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