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Multibagger Stock Suzlon Can Make Your 1 Lakh into 21 Lakhs

Multibagger Stock Suzlon Can Make Your 1 Lakh into 21 Lakhs

Can Suzlon be a multibagger stock?

Does Suzlon Energy have any future?

Wondering whether Suzlon’s share price will increase or not.

I believe the above query will keep you bothered if you’ve invested or plan to buy some Suzlon shares.

Am I right?

I tried to find out the answer, and hopefully, it may help you in your trading or investment decision.

We all know that power is the backbone of any economy.

India’s power sector is one of the most diversified and uses conventional sources such as coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, hydro, and nuclear power.

Even India is using non-conventional sources such as wind, solar, and agricultural and domestic waste to produce energy.

Moreover, electricity demand has increased tremendously and is expected to rise in the future too.

Renewable energy is emerging as a major source of power in India.

Wind energy is the largest source of renewable energy and accounts for an estimated 60 percent of total installed capacity (21.1GW).suzlon share price target 2022


Technical Analysis Metre of Suzlon Share Price

There are plans to double wind power generation capacity to 20GW by 2022.

India has also raised the solar power generation capacity by five times to 100GW by 2022.

Renewables energy is growing at a great speed and it is not taken as an alternative source of energy. 

India is well-positioned to become the global manufacturing hub for wind turbines. The sector holds the potential to generate five million jobs. The Wind is truly contributing to the “Make in India’’ campaign.


About Multibagger Stock Suzlon Energy

The Suzlon Group was ranked as the world’s fifth-largest wind turbine supplier. Moreover, Suzlon Energy is extending its arms globally across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and North and South America.

It has installed over 22,500 megawatts (MW) of wind energy across 30 countries and a workforce of over 10,000.

Suzlon is leading the wind energy industry’s growth in the country lighting the lives of over 50 million Indians.

It is fully committed to the development of the renewable energy sector in the country.

They aim to build sustainable green energy and affordable energy for all.

Products Of Suzlon Energy

Suzlon is one of the world’s largest and leading producers of wind turbines.

It is in the development of wind energy solutions and has also into the solar segment, contributing greatly to the economy.

Suzlon provides a solution to wind-energy products in the form of wind turbines.

They are having state-of-the-art technology from blades, nacelle, towers, and foundations.

It provides products of the very best in renewable energy solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

Competitors of Suzlon Energy

Name Market Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Total Assets
NTPC 131,306.65 70,506.80 175,164.76
Power Grid Corp 107,901.54 20,802.22 144,973.72
NHPC 31,650.00 7,434.06 47,137.23
Tata Power 22,260.29 8,819.65 28,036.76
Reliance Infra 16,029.24 8,771.50 36,154.41
NLC India 15,881.83 6,669.05 18,640.64
SJVN 13,526.77 2,498.49 13,527.92
Reliance Power 13,099.94 48.06 21,256.88
CESC 12,952.81 6,493.00 13,060.71
Adani Power 11,667.24 12,704.15 33,026.97
JSW Energy 10,955.57 4,040.97 12,512.39
Suzlon Energy 10,488.68 5,914.92 6,181.62
Torrent Power 10,270.78 11,632.84 15,613.66
Inox Wind 4,473.87 2,863.22 3,367.11
DPSC 3,890.29 585.58 1,863.13
Schneider Infra 3,516.02 1,402.61 414.15
Jaiprakash Pow 2,788.14 3,883.68 19,497.01
Rattan Power 2,465.70 2,774.98 12,724.68
BF Utilities 1,708.23 5.21 147.96
Guj Ind Power 1,615.36 1,351.86 2,355.66
GVK Power 963.32 27.18 2,362.51
Orient Green 736.10 48.69 1,238.62
Rattan Infra 525.26 684.76
KSK Energy Vent 400.67 21.79 3,896.90
Energy Dev 145.59 133.75 185.82
Entegra 88.80 547.20
Mitcon Cons 76.59 44.97 89.32
S E Power 49.34 9.49 88.08
Indowind Energy 40.38 15.60 239.65
Advance Meter 38.38 26.05 186.22
KKV Agro Powers 12.84 4.93 8.56
Bil Energy 8.46 27.52 103.40

Financial Health Card of Suzlon Energy

Technical Aspect of Multibagger Stock Suzlon Energy

Suzlon Energy Long-Term View by AkmeAnalytics on

Buy When Suzlon Closes Above 6.0 and Gives Breakout The Downward Weekly Trendline and also Horizontal Resistance Level.

Trail your Stop Loss once if it moving upwards continuously.

Once this multi-bagger stock Suzlon Energy runs up, you won’t get a second chance to catch it.

So, grab the stock as soon as possible and keep it for the long-term and let it grow like your child. Possibility of making 2 million if you invest one lakh only in Suzlon Energy.

Will Suzlon Energy Share Price Increase

Is Suzlon Energy worth buying it?

Can Suzlon be a multibagger?

I receive such kinds of queries on regular basis. So, let’s understand what is happening with Suzlon Energy.

Well, Suzlon share price today that is on 13th of July 2021 is traded around 8.00.

My personal view as per the chart says it may correct a bit and then resumes its trend.

However, it may face resistance near 21 and 28 levels. So, Keep an eye on Suzlon Energy’s share price.

It has recovered from its lifetime low of 1.70 and hit 9.45.

What a rally it has done so far after being muted for so many years.

Those who missed out on the rally may join the party once it Suzlon share price is correct a bit.


Suzlon Energy Share Price NSE

(Suzlon Buy or Sell 2021) Screenshot Captured on 13th July 2021

Suzlon Share Price Target 2022

Suzlon stock price recently hit a fresh 52 Week High of 9.45 and I was bullish since I first posted this blog post.

At that time, Suzlon stock price was trading at around 3.00-4.00. Since then it has given multibagger returns.

Now, I am expecting by the end of 2022, Suzlon’s stock price may reach 13-14.

At present, its stock price may correct a little bit more and resume its northward journey.

Suzlon Energy Technical View 2022

Presently stock price of Suzlon is trading around 8 after hitting year high of 12. Almost hit the target of 13 as mentioned earlier.

If you are still holding, then keep your Stop Loss just below 5.25 as the stock price might get support near 5.25-5.75.

Wait for the price to close below the zone on weekly closing basis. In case it fell below the stop loss zone then run away from this stocks.

suzlon energy technical view 2022

Suzlon Energy Technical View 2023

suzlon share price view

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025

If Suzlon’s share price stays above 14, then you may expect it to hit 21+.

So, I will hold the stock and trail Stop Loss as it started to move in my expected direction.

What Could Be Suzlon Share Price Target 2030

By the end of 2030, Suzlon may touch 29+ and then 34+.

However, it must consolidate in the price range before it starts its next leg of up move.

Suzlon Energy Latest News


Suzlon announces Q4 FY21 Results

Suzlon Energy, India’s largest renewable energy solutions provider, announced its fourth-quarter (Q4 FY21) and annual audited results for the financial year 2020-21 (FY21).

Read More…


Suzlon secures new order of 252 MW from CLP India Private Limited.

Read More …


If you like this idea of multibagger stock Suzlon Energy, then don’t forget to share it.


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178 thoughts on “Multibagger Stock Suzlon Can Make Your 1 Lakh into 21 Lakhs”

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Since all multibagger investment ideas are for a long term for a minimum period of 3 years. So, my view in Suzlon is to hold for at least 5 years and you will enjoy the nuts.

  1. Good projections Ratan! Whats your thoughts on the new news that government will plan monthly wind auctions? Does the growth for Suzlon now looks even better?

    1. Monthly wind power auction brings healthy competition and affordable power for all. My view on Suzlon is intact, as the future source of power is renewable energy. Don’t panic with the ups and down of the stock market.

    1. You can buy Subex at this level for near term target of 12 with SL at 8.30 on a closing basis. If it holds and consolidates above 12 then you can expect it to hit 14+. However, it will face stiff resistance at 14. Technically stock is trading above 200 DMA and so you can buy for short term perspective.

      1. Good Morning Ratan Sir,
        I have found your recommendation of Subex on 17th JULY 2017FOR near term target of 12 with SL at 8.30. as on today 8th June2021 Subex price is 62/.How is your view on 3i infotech, syncom formulation, r power, brightcom group limited (Lycos Internet) sintex plastic , suzlon?

    1. Kishore, I don’t provide news stuff on my blog. However, you can check my views on daily market trends and views on some stocks, crude oil, USDINR currency and Index option. Visit for Pre-market BuzzingStocks ideas on daily basis.

    1. Hey, Kamal, I don’t find any such stock listed on NSE and BSE. Tell me the correct Scrip name and I will let you know the technical aspects of any stocks.

  2. your site is not opening in chrome or internet explorer…. I get multiple errors. Most of the articles give error message.

  3. I have 1000 shares of suzlon energy and 500 shares of indowind …….What are future prospects of both individually.

    Shall I invest more in suzlon energy

      1. I have a 4000 shares of gtl infra@4 rs today it is 3.2 what is the future prospect for this share, will the share price increase with in a year what will be share value for year 2022

        1. The chart of GTL Infra looks not good. It is still in a downtrend. The next support is @ around 1.30.
          However, if it takes support near 2.80-2.60, then you can expect its short-term rally to resume.

  4. I have purchased a good quantity of suzlon @ 11.00rs…..what will be the medium term target….2yrs from here…what will the s.l. be….please guide

    1. It has a strong support @ 10.50 followed by 7.20. You can expect it to rise and may touch 16.70 and if it sustains above this level then 20.30 is on the cards.

  5. Hello Sir,

    What is the future of Rattan Power ? Could it be a multibagger ? I have 50000 shares @ 6.00. What is your suggestion to hold for long term or not ?


  6. Mr. Ratan! Now after one year approx. how do you sum up your above comments when Suzlon is quoting at Rs. 10/11 now.

  7. 10 years back Suzlon was quoting at 400. Another Wind energy company Inox was quoting at 400 4 years back. Now they are quoting at 11 and 111. What reason do you see behind these falls. Is it compettitiojn from foreign firms or any thing else you think of.

    1. Market crash in 2008 and many stocks collapse. However, my view on Suzlon is intact keeping some key points in mind. Those businesses focussing on renewable energy or green energy likely to perform in the future. Suzlon price is down but its financials are improving and its Sales, PAT is improved a lot significantly from negative to positive.

  8. What view you have now?
    It is trading at 10.
    I am heavily invested in SUZLON and will have big loss if i sell at this level. Will it ever reach 20 in coming future (1-2Years)

    1. I have given Stop Loss @ 12.80. However, it is at the bottom now and may retrace back to 12.5 in the short term. Either you exit or remain in the stock as it is for long term investment.

  9. Sir,
    I can hold suzlon for 5 yrs…it’s price is 8.80….my entry price is 11…
    How much down it will still go.any problem …..
    If it is for long term can we expect the targets u have
    Does s.l not be required for long term…
    Please guide.

    1. Click here to understand financial graph of Suzlon since 2013. You will notice a significant improvement in the reports.
      Keep away from short-term negative cues and sit tight.

    1. For the time being please avoid bottom fishing. I will let you know when it’s technicals are strong so that you can enter into a trade. Currently, key oscillators and indicators are showing sell signal in the chart.

    1. I have given Stop Loss @ 12.80 and you need to invest only 3-5% of your investment capital. Presently stock is breaking its 52 Week Low and continuously falling. However, good news is that Suzlon is reviving and that can be seen in the balance sheet.
      Click here to understand financial graph of Suzlon since 2013. You will notice a significant improvement in the reports.
      Keep away from short-term negative cues and sit tight.

  10. Sir,
    As per your advice, I am still holding Suzlon,can hold for long term_5yrs,the results & performance are extremely bad,can I wait patiently in the same counter or shift to J.P.Associates….please suggest….
    Thank u

  11. Is suzlon a good buy now or will it reduce further. Current financial seems to be low but will it bounce back to a better position. Thanks for your advice.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for your patience and advice.
    Despite the current financial situation of suzlon. Is it advisable to buy as a long term investment. Any idea will it go below the current level.

  13. Hi Ratan,

    Now the stock trading around 7, Is it still BUY for long term? When i read the above article, it was mentioned as SL should be 12.8….

    Since i read this article now only, i was confused is it still BUY for long term?

    1. Consider your situation i won’t recommend exiting the market at loss where there is chances of good return in near future. Just hold and have faith. The storm will pass.

  14. Sir, Now Suzlon share price is 5.85. Shell I buy a few shares for long term investment. Please give suggestion. Thanks in advance

  15. Sir, i am heavily invested in Suzlon for close to 4 years now witb an average price of 15 rs. Should i wait more ir exit? I can wait for 2 more years. Thanks

    1. It has broken all levels and so away from Suzlon for the time being. However, once it crosses 5.60 on a daily closing basis, it may likely to test 7.50.
      If it manages to go up above 7.55 and consolidates there then, you can expect to cover your losses.

  16. Hi, Is it right time to do bottom fishing? Suzlon has been at ~ Rs. 5.2 to Rs. 5.8 levels. Do you foresee further devaluation?
    Also, Suzlon had jumped back significantly post LS elections in 2009 & 2013. Can we expect similar come back in Jun-2019? Please advice.

    1. It has broken all levels and so away from Suzlon for the time being. However, once it crosses 5.60 on a daily closing basis, it may likely to test 7.50.

      I invest only on a technical breakout and not on rumors and news. So, I believe I am not the right person to answer your query on general election 2019 and how Suzlon will react to it.

  17. Hi mr. ratan,,

    I am a retired bank manager. during haarshad mehta, ketan parekh time lost so much money in trading. pl. advise me some low cost (pennystocks) like suzlon for 6-7 yrs or more long time investment. or any 5-10 blue chips for future growth.

    Thanking you

      1. Thanks Ratan for your reply. I am looking at a penny stock which can grow to 400x/500x in 5/10 years span. Now RCom has reduced to penny 6.9 Rs a-piece I have bought (for 10,000Rs) hoping that it would grow 400x or so.
        And also, Suzlon as reduced to penny now. Currently bought at 3.4 Rs (for 10,000 Rs) hoping it would grow some 500x in future.
        Do you have faith in these stocks as multibaggers? Or alternatively, do you have any recommendation on penny stock which in future can grow 500x/600x?


        1. Investment in RCom and Suzlon are just a hope trade. Things look not good at all and so try to exit from this counter if any kind of bounce back.
          I am writing a post on penny stocks that may have the potential to become a giant. So, you will get the idea where to enter.

          1. Thanks Ratan for your reply and suggestion to exit RCom and Suzlon. Accordingly, I will exit once I realize some profit

    1. Hi Ratan,
      Is it a good approach to exit a scrip @ 5% twice-a-month? This approach will double the capital in 10 months – ideally.

      Actually, I am using this strategy for the past 4 months. Practically, in my case, I am unable to exit with 5% twice-a-month approach. Because some stocks decline the moment I buy and they get caught for 1 month or 2 months just to get 5-6%.

      Just wanted to know if you give any service/buy recommendations which can help me achieve my 5% twice-a-month approach?


      1. It looks good in the chart because of some relief rally in the last few days. The rally may also extend for some more days. However, I will enter into Aban Offshore once it crosses 92 and consolidates above it.
        Till then it is better to wait and watch.

    2. Dear Sir,

      Please guide me on SUBEX LTD for Long term basis say 5Year to 8year .how the stock may perform…?

    3. Hi Sir,

      What is your view on Sintex Industries? It has been going down since demerger happened between the textile and plastic unit happened. I holding 2000 units with avg buy of Rs 14.9. As promoters holding is low so should we still hold it? Please advise


      1. Sintex Industries is breaking all levels and making new 52W low continuously. For the time being, if it moves above 11.00, then you may witness more upside.
        If it breaks 6.00, then it might go down further. So, watch out these levels.

    4. With 24% jump Suzlon is back to 4.5 range, I think top 10 in terms of volume in last couple of days which indicates momentum? What is your view in entering at this stage?

      1. For the time being, it is better for me to be a spectator.

        I will only enter in Suzlon only if it manages to hold above 6.0 for a small target of 7.50. However, I will add more if it breaks 9.20 with strong volume and consolidates above 9.20.

        If Suzlon does not able to cross 6.0, then I might look for shorting opportunity as well.

    5. Sir i have bought shares from suzlon and adani green. I brought the shares as the same way as u described that these will get a good boost in the upcoming future. But i was struck with the rapid decrease in market watch. I cant see any growth of these shares at moment. Will these shares gain or loose my money if i wait for more than 3 years.

    6. Hi Ratan,

      I have good quantity of Suzlon with an average price of Rs.. 4.95. What is your view on Suzlon Vestas deal and future of Suzlon if deal happens?

    7. Sir I want to invest for long term ie 5 years plus so can u suggest me some good stocks,I was thinking bout investing in suzlon as current rate is 3.05

    8. I’ve Suzlon at average price of Rs. 13.5 per share. Do you think I should hold the share as the current price is around 2.45. Are there any chances of revival of this stock?

    9. Dear Ratan Ji
      I have read your technical details of Suzlon & do agree with assessment.If your office is in delhi I would like to meet you or we can talk even.
      O P Mehta

      1. Stock is still in a downtrend. However, for a very short term let it cross the recent high of 3.50. You can enter if it retraces back near 3.00 and then again started to move up.

        Your target will be near 5.00 and keep your SL at 2.90.

    10. Sir,
      What is your view on suzlon. As it restructures its debts with bsnks. Now its making uc. What will be your taget for next two years?

    11. Hello Sir, i have bought Suzlon share 2 years back, waiting for the jump on price but still no luck. Can you please let me know whether it will grow this year at least, suggest me am i need to hold or sell. Thanks in advance… Venkata kumar.

    12. Sir, i have purchased suzlon shares @5.10 and now it’s 4.40, please tell me your views, what should be done Sell or Hold???

    13. Sir, yoir artivcle is absolutely insightful and is a great example of vision and it exhibits great optimism about Suzlon that many Suzlon lovers have. I have 50000 plus share at average of 11 Rupees per share. should I hold on or should I accumulate more?

    14. Looks like since many years, the share price has not shown any growth at all. Now it’s at all time low lik 3.5 . Any advice now?

    15. I am a retired person aged 75 years. I have read with interest your comments on Suzlon. 2 years back I had purchased 200 shares @ Rs 16. Today it is Rs 3.5. In the first week of Dec 2020, I had again purchased 2000 shares # 3.70. I plan to hold it for at least 5 yrs.

      I always buy from market & sometimes apply in IPOs but nowadays chances in ipos are very rare.
      A K Raman

    16. good evening ratan sir !
      loang time back i have purchased SUZLON 3100 share @11.30.
      can i hold it.?
      or purchase more ?
      or purchase more ??
      i want to invest for a long time 7 to 10 year… waiting your sugessation …….. regards.!!!

      1. Risk-management is the key for any investment or trading. So, please maintain Stop Loss. For the time-being Suzlon is still in downtrend. Let it breaks key resistance level and then you can average it out.

    17. Hi,

      I have 30,000 Shares of Suzlon, bought at 2.80, 3 months ago ..its 4.45 today, shall i sell it or hold it as i want to keep it long term ( may be for 6 yrs for now ) will it be a multi bagger for me after 6 yrs …kindly suggest

      1. You can hold it with a Stop Loss @ 2.20. However, it might face resistance around 6.00 levels and around 8.00 it has strong resistance. So, keep an eye on it and trade accordingly.

        In case, it closes above 8.40, then you might see strong up move.

    18. I am also a firm believer in recovery of Suzlon. In a general trend the world is going towards cleaner energy sources and with the right guy at the helm this stock will just return a good value. I am in @avg price of 4 with 67k shares. I was looking to prune all my other investments and keep on adding in this.

      My current holding are Adani Green, Adani Power, PTC, PCJ and Suzlon.

      Hail the sustainability revolution and place your bets on renewable sources.

    19. Hi, would like to have your latest thoughts on Suzlon, its been hitting UC continuously and 100% delivery is happening. Any leading indicators or news/govt policy changes that you have come across for this uptrend ? Thank you.

    20. Hello sir.. I have taken Suzlon @7.25. 10000qty.
      And ready to keep it for long term.. sir can you just tell me what will be the target for 5 year??

      1. Hello Ratan Sir,

        Is suzlon a buy at present??
        Plz advise. I am invested a
        @22 wants to do some averaging .

    21. Hello sir,

      I bought 10k Suzlon stocks at 6.15 per share. What do you suggest I should keep my stop loss at? I have plans to keep it for long term 8 years at least.


    22. Hi sir i have purchase 9000 share of suzlon @ 6.40 so please suggest shall i hold it for a long term or invest more in this

    23. prasant kumar saboth

      All good citizens should buy SUZLON shares and help the company to work for Green energy for the country. I have purchased 12000 shares and hopeful of helping the country for green energy. Let us help the company grow and our money Grow.

    24. I want to buy Suzlon for long term. It will be bullish in future? Can i buy 1000 qty right now. I want to keep 5 years.

    25. I was a strong believer in Suzlon since 2008 and have shares bought then at Rs 380/ per share over the years accumulated to 5000 shares to average them out… Is it a good time to buy now in Sept 2021. I think the company has its turnarround now.

    26. Hello Ratan,
      In reference to your Suzlon projections, the stock has touched Upper Circuit since the last 2 or 3 days. The revenue YoY and Qtr to Qtr have seen a significant improvement. The restructuring of the debt repayment also would have supported the price move.
      Your thoughts.


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