Power is the backbone for economic growth and welfare of many nations. India’s power sector is one of the most diversified and uses conventional sources such as coal, lignite, natural gas, oil, hydro and nuclear power. Even India is using non-conventional sources such as the wind, solar, and agricultural and domestic waste to produce energy. Electricity demand has increased tremendously and is expected to rise in the future too.

Renewable energy is emerging as a major source of power in India. Wind energy is the largest source of renewable energy and accounts for an estimated 60 percent of total installed capacity (21.1GW). There are plans to double wind power generation capacity to 20GW by 2022. India has also raised the solar power generation capacity by five times to 100GW by 2022.

Renewables energy is growing at a great speed and it is not taken as an alternative source of energy. India is well positioned to become the global manufacturing hub for wind turbines. The sector holds the potential to generate five million jobs. The Wind is truly contributing to “Make in India’’ campaign.

About Multibagger Stock Suzlon Energy

The Suzlon Group was ranked as the world’s fifth largest wind turbine supplier. The company is extending its arms globally across Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. It has installed with over 22,500 megawatts (MW) of wind energy across 30 countries and a workforce of over 10,000.

Suzlon is leading the growth of the wind industry in the country lighting the lives of over 50 million Indians. It is fully committed to the development of renewable energy sector in the country. Their aim is to build sustainable green energy and affordable energy for all.

Products Of Suzlon Energy

Suzlon is one of the world’s largest and leading producers of wind turbines. It is in the development of wind energy solutions and has also into the solar segment as well which is contributing greatly to the economy.

Suzlon provides a solution to wind-energy products in the form of wind turbines that are having state-of-the-art technology from their blades, nacelle, towers, and foundations. It provides products of very best in renewable energy solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

Competitors of Suzlon Energy

Name Market Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Total Assets
NTPC 131,306.65 70,506.80 175,164.76
Power Grid Corp 107,901.54 20,802.22 144,973.72
NHPC 31,650.00 7,434.06 47,137.23
Tata Power 22,260.29 8,819.65 28,036.76
Reliance Infra 16,029.24 8,771.50 36,154.41
NLC India 15,881.83 6,669.05 18,640.64
SJVN 13,526.77 2,498.49 13,527.92
Reliance Power 13,099.94 48.06 21,256.88
CESC 12,952.81 6,493.00 13,060.71
Adani Power 11,667.24 12,704.15 33,026.97
JSW Energy 10,955.57 4,040.97 12,512.39
Suzlon Energy 10,488.68 5,914.92 6,181.62
Torrent Power 10,270.78 11,632.84 15,613.66
Inox Wind 4,473.87 2,863.22 3,367.11
DPSC 3,890.29 585.58 1,863.13
Schneider Infra 3,516.02 1,402.61 414.15
Jaiprakash Pow 2,788.14 3,883.68 19,497.01
Rattan Power 2,465.70 2,774.98 12,724.68
BF Utilities 1,708.23 5.21 147.96
Guj Ind Power 1,615.36 1,351.86 2,355.66
GVK Power 963.32 27.18 2,362.51
Orient Green 736.10 48.69 1,238.62
Rattan Infra 525.26 684.76
KSK Energy Vent 400.67 21.79 3,896.90
Energy Dev 145.59 133.75 185.82
Entegra 88.80 547.20
Mitcon Cons 76.59 44.97 89.32
S E Power 49.34 9.49 88.08
Indowind Energy 40.38 15.60 239.65
Advance Meter 38.38 26.05 186.22
KKV Agro Powers 12.84 4.93 8.56
Bil Energy 8.46 27.52 103.40


Technical Aspect of Multibagger Stock Suzlon Energy

suzlon multibagger stock ideas


Suzlon Energy is listed on both NSE – National Stock Exchange and BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange. This multi-bagger stock Suzlon is trading at a very narrow range. If you are a positional trader, then you can expect 28.50 and put a Stop Loss at 12.80. Once it able to sustain above 28.50, it will move up to 60 followed by 140 level. The stock has a strong resistance at 165 and if it manages to break out it will hit 300 levels. You can expect final breakout at around 300 and it may cross 410 levels.

Trail your Stop Loss once it crosses above 30 levels and keeps trailing SL if it moving upwards continuously. You can ignore the smaller correction or you can book profit at 29 – 30 levels if you don’t have the patience and courage to hold. Once this multi-bagger stock Suzlon Energy run up, you won’t get second chance to catch it.

So, grab the stock as soon as possible and keep it for a long-term and let it grow like your child. You will make 2 million if you invest one lakh only in Suzlon Energy.


Suzlon Energy surges 10% as company turns profitable in Q1

The company has reported a net profit of Rs 63.7 crore in the quarter ended June 2017 (Q1FY18) against the loss of Rs 257 crore, in the same quarter last fiscal.

Revenue of the company increased 62.5 percent to Rs 2,676 crore versus Rs 1,646 crore.


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Multibagger Stock Suzlon Can Make Your 1 Lakh into 21 Lakhs

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  • June 10, 2017 at 11:48 AM

    I will arrange a party with u if ur word becomes true..already invested

    • June 12, 2017 at 10:23 AM

      Great Buy Anand. Now just hang in there. Fundamentally Suzlon looks promising and if it corrects a bit don’t panic. Happy Investing!

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    Nice artical. Please mention the time frame in which Suzlon can generate 20 fold returns.

    • June 12, 2017 at 10:19 AM

      Thanks for your appreciation. Since all multibagger investment ideas are for a long term for a minimum period of 3 years. So, my view in Suzlon is to hold for at least 5 years and you will enjoy the nuts.

  • July 23, 2017 at 3:06 PM

    Good projections Ratan! Whats your thoughts on the new news that government will plan monthly wind auctions? Does the growth for Suzlon now looks even better?

    • July 24, 2017 at 8:58 AM

      Monthly wind power auction brings healthy competition and affordable power for all. My view on Suzlon is intact, as the future source of power is renewable energy. Don’t panic with the ups and down of the stock market.

  • July 28, 2017 at 10:17 AM

    Sir, what about Subex ltd?

    • July 29, 2017 at 10:51 AM

      You can buy Subex at this level for near term target of 12 with SL at 8.30 on a closing basis. If it holds and consolidates above 12 then you can expect it to hit 14+. However, it will face stiff resistance at 14. Technically stock is trading above 200 DMA and so you can buy for short term perspective.

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    Very good idea. One can invest in this script without any fear

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    What is Ur Views on Ratan Infra Is It Also Be Multibager Candidate

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      Hey, Kamal, I don’t find any such stock listed on NSE and BSE. Tell me the correct Scrip name and I will let you know the technical aspects of any stocks.

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