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10 Cryptocurrency Apps On Android For a Safe Investment

cryptocurrency apps

Cryptocurrency is no longer just a hot topic on the net.  In fact, several offline companies are accepting crypto in exchange for goods and services. You can safely invest by using cryptocurrency apps on your Android phones.

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The reality is that it influences daily life.  Whether it is Bitcoin, AutoCoin, or Ether, everyone needs access to an internet connection and software to buy, sell or trade them.

If you have an Android phone, here are some useful apps that you may need to manage your cryptos.

Cryptonator – Cryptocurrency Apps

No, this is not the name of the latest movie.  In fact, it’s a free all-in-one cryptocurrency apps with numerous features designed for serious traders.

It provides 24/7 worldwide access from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.  All transactions are carried out instantly, maintaining the highest level of security and privacy.

As a wallet, it allows the user to store multiple cryptocurrencies in one location.  The Cryptonator also manages and exchanges coins from over 500 varieties of cryptocurrency.  The tool allows a quick and easy review of the coin’s value at any time of the month.

Bitcoin checker

This free app tracks almost all virtual currencies.  It monitors and notifies the user of current prices of the crypto.

For those who are avid fans of cryptocurrency, this app has several alarm conditions to inform the user about recent price fluctuations.

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Delta is one of the latest cryptocurrency apps available in the market.  Though it’s free, it is an ideal investment for hardcore crypto fans.  Like a library, it stores information about 3000+ cryptocurrencies.

Is has market data, price watchlists, and price alerts.  The plus point is that Delta supports over 200 exchanges, facilitating and syncing transactions instantly.

It provides the latest coin prices as well as market charts in your local currency.  Delta enables users to track the value of ICOs, offering an extensive portfolio of all investments.

It shows total profit/loss since you started investing or within the last 24 hours, translating it to fiat money and Bitcoin.


This free cryptocurrency apps allows you to track and manage your cryptocurrency investments.  Blockfolio is the most popular portfolio tool that enables users to keep tabs on everything, anytime and from everywhere.

Blockfolio facilitates investors by providing a single platform for tracking over 3000 currencies.  It includes information from 80+ exchanges so that you can see the profit or loss of each coin along with all your other investments.

It also updates its roster on a regular basis, adding any new coins that enter the market, and keeping you aware of any potential investment perks.


Since its introduction, cryptocurrency has mainly been traded online.  But now, companies like the Autoblock, are accepting crypto as a method of payment.

This free, user-friendly app helps you find ATMs near you and globally so that you can buy and sell Bitcoin from anywhere.  It also gives you information about fees, limits, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitmap informs you of the locations of all functioning ATM around you, which is nearest and which is farthest.  Google navigator and Uber will help you find the way!

Blockchain Wallet

The easiest and securest way to send, receive, trade, and digital store currency is to use the Blockchain wallet.  Users can manage their accounts using either Bitcoin or Ether.

As more and more companies are accepting crypto for payments, this free app permits you to transact with millions of users in over 140 countries across the globe.

It mains the utmost level of security with two-factor authentication, PIN protection, and biometric authentication through touch or face ID.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

This free Android app is easy to install and use.  It uses Bitcoin as a mode of payment.  However, it allows you to switch back and forth between Bitcoin and fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.).

The Mycelium Bitcoin wallet boasts an entirely new level of security, using a twelve-word paraphrase (called a seed) and PIN code. So, while you manage your errands, send or receive Bitcoin, you can depend completely on its security settings.

Mycelium introduced a feature in 2016 which allows users to buy Bitcoins right from its platform.  The coins are added to your account via integrated wallet funding services such as Glidera.  It also protects your private keys with the aid of hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.


It is a crypto trading bot that is fully automated to trade 24/7 so that you do not miss any opportunity to make a profit.  This trading software is designed to analyze and trade on a customer’s behalf using technical indicators and professional business strategies.

The app is free to download, but the platform charges 0.75% per trade or 0.25 BTC annually for a license.  It keeps track of the market, gathering data from numerous exchanges all over the world.

zTrader provides support to those who are newcomers in the cryptomarket with the help of free demo account.  However, a minimum investment of 0.03 BTC is required.

Crypto Price IQ

This app tracks over 400 crypto prices in real-time that can be denominated in over 165 fiat currencies.  It is also a portfolio management service that enables users to monitor entire holdings in various wallets and exchanges all at once.

The data is presented with the help of comprehensive charts and reports.  So, whether you are investing, trading, or mining, the app monitors and informs you via the Price Alert notification feature.

Crypto Price IQ is designed to be convenient, reliable and fast, keeping you up-to-date with any breaking crypto news.


A multi-purpose app that supports its online platform, Coinbase it is one of the best places to trade and store.  They broker exchanges for Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.

It authorizes users to buy, sell and track prices of cryptocurrencies at any time from anywhere.  As a wallet, it provides a secure place to keep your funds.  And when the time comes to spend, Coinbase helps you find companies that accept crypto as payment.

It is important to note that apps can only facilitate cryptocurrency transactions.  However, it up to you to make well-informed decisions by adequately researching the market.  Remember, it is wisest to invest no more than 1% of your savings in this financial market.

Are you using any of the listed cryptocurrency apps? If you know any other apps, then kindly share it in the comments section.

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Published on: Oct 15, 2018

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