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5 Best Car Insurance Policy in India [2019] and Save Upto 70%

5 Best Car Insurance Policy in India 2018 and Save Upto 70%

Do you know it is mandatory to have a car insurance policy whether it is a new or used car? If you already have one and renewal date is about to expire, then you must renew your car insurance policy.

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You can switch from your current insurance to another one that provides you more value to your car. Selecting an insurance policy from a vast majority of insurance providers is really a daunting task.

Why do you need to have a car insurance policy?

As per Motor Vehicle Act of India, you must have auto insurance for any types of vehicles that you may willing to drive in public places. However, you are free to choose any auto insurance companies that cover at least ‘third-party liability’ that resulted in injury, loss of property, or death of a third party.

In India, an accident happens frequently and the number is staggering. It may result in injury, damages, and even death that may increase your expenses as well. So, having an insurance plan for your vehicle saves you lots of money if anything goes wrong in future.

A few days back, I was planning to renew my car insurance policy which is about to expire soon. As I wasn’t much happy with my current insurance company, so I decided to switch over to some other insurance provider.

Finally, after searching a lot, I shortlisted 5 of the best car insurance companies that also provide you to renew online.

Here, are the 5 best auto insurance policy online for your vehicle.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy

Bajaj Allianz auto insurance is packed with great features and benefits. It helps you to avail cashless settlements across its wide network of more than 4000 network garages. Furthermore, you will get 24×7 roadside assistance and towing facility if any unforeseen accident happens.

You can receive 75% on account payment facility when liability is above a certain limit. Moreover, you can opt for add-on Zero depreciation cover also along with your car insurance.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Coverages

It covers any loss or damages to your car because of a natural disaster like fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, storm, or any other natural way.

You can also get benefits if your car gets stolen, or damaged due to riot, strike, accident, or damage while in transit by road, rail, waterway, or by airlift.

Moreover, you can avail coverage of Rs. 2 lakh if you are the owner-driver of the car. Along with that, you can also opt for a personal accident for other passengers, paid driver, or other drivers.

Most importantly, Bajaj Allianz provides you ‘Third Party Legal Liability’ that safeguard you due to any unforeseen accidental damages caused to any property, injury, or death of any person.

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy

Bharti AXA car insurance policy covers financial losses in case your car gets damaged or stolen. It allows you to claim settlement with its 3000+ cashless garages. So, you don’t need to wait for reimbursement.

You can either choose Third-Party Liability Coverage or Comprehensive car insurance plan from Bharti AXA insurance.

Third-Party Liability Coverage will compensate only to the third party injuries and damages to other property due to an accident. It only compensated up to Rs. 7.5 lakh in case of any injuries or death.

On the other hand, Comprehensive car insurance covers your losses along with Third-Party Liabilities. It protects you from any losses due to unforeseen accidents, theft, or any natural calamity.

So, I suggest you go with the Comprehensive car insurance policy of Bharti AXA. The premium you paid is bit costly but it secures your future and protects your car as well.

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Policy

HDFC Ergo car insurance policy provides you cashless claim settlement to over 3400 authorized network garages all over India. Moreover, you can enjoy No claim bonus as well.

It will cover any damages done to your vehicle because of any unforeseen accident, burglary, theft, fire, riots, or strike. Furthermore, your car will also be insured against any natural disaster like flood, earthquake, landslide, or storm. In fact, this policy also covers and damages while transiting by road, rail, waterway, or by airlift.

HDFC Ergo also covers personal accident and any ‘Third-Party Legal Liability’ also. It ensures and protects you from any accidental death, injury, or any damage caused to property owned by third-party.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram car insurance policy online offers you comprehensive coverage. Even, you have an option to pick up add-on covers like Car Shield options as well.

It has over 3300 cashless garages across India to serve you without any worries. Furthermore, you will get roadside assistance during any kind of emergency. It also offers you 100% invoice price insurance add-on cover.

Royal Sundaram Car Shield

Car Shield actually is a protection offered to you so that you can protect your vehicle from other vehicles. It also includes accidents, theft, and injuries incurred by third parties.

It covers all forms of damages including your car parts and accessories. However, it offers you up to Rs. 7.5 lakh third-party property damage coverage. You can even opt for other Royal Sundaram car insurance add-on option like depreciation waiver on metal and plastic parts.

ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy

ICICI Lombard provides you cashless services to over 3500 wide network garages all over India. So that you can go for a long drive with your loved ones worry free.

If you stuck in the roadside, then all you need is to call ICICI Lombard and they will rescue you with minor repairs and also provides you accommodation. They may be toying your car if the breakdown is severe.

You can avail zero depreciation cover along with coverage on replaced parts. In fact, it also provides you with a daily allowance of Rs. 500 each day until your car gets repaired fully.

ICICI Lombard car insurance policy online covers any loss or damage done to your vehicle due to natural disasters. It may be due to an explosion, flood, storms, frost, landslide, earthquake, fire, or any other calamities.

Furthermore, it also covers your car against burglary, theft, riot, strike, and any damage while transmitting by road, rail, waterway, or air.

Moreover, you will get coverage of 2 lakh for the individual driver of the vehicle. You can also opt for co-passengers personal accident covers.

It also protects you ‘Third-Party Legal Liability’ due to accidental damages like injury, death, or damages caused to other property.

There are many other car insurance providers available. However, I find these 5 companies are awesome. If you know any other insurance companies that have great features, then do comments below.

I hope you like this post and add value to your buying decision of car insurance policy online.

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Published on: May 10, 2018

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