Turn 10K into 2.5 Lakhs With Multibagger Stock Punj Lloyd

By | September 7, 2017

Multibagger stock Punj Lloyd can have the potential to turn your investment by 25 times in next 3-5 years. It is really tough to find multibagger stock, especially when the markets are at its peak level. Furthermore, Indian stock markets are trading at very high valuations and are not cheap.

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As investors, you must always stick to those stocks which have strong earnings visibility and good pricing power. I suggest you go for those companies which have strong and stable management, unique product portfolio and expect great demands in present and future. In my opinion, you should not get into stocks which are illiquid but might have seen a sharp rise in the past.

Do you know that infrastructure sector is a key driver for any economic growth? The government of India initiating policies which ensures the creation of high-class infrastructure in the country. Infrastructure sector includes power, bridges, dams, roads and urban infrastructure development.

About Multibagger Stock Punj Lloyd

Multibagger stock Punj Lloyd is an engineering and construction group of India. Punj Lloyd has operations spread across 23 countries, a mix across the Middle East, Africa, the Caspian, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Asia.

Furthermore, Punj Lloyd is a diversified conglomerate and make products related to aviation, defense and upstream through its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

It has a turnover of US$ 1.8 billion and having rich experiences and best practices from across the globe. Punj Lloyd has established itself as a proven and reputable Group.

Products of Punj Lloyd

With nine subsidiaries and two joint ventures, Punj Lloyd is making big in energy, infrastructure, and defense sectors. From Power, Oil & Gas, Renewable energy to Aviation and upstream, it is spreading its business worldwide.

Competitors of Punj Lloyd

Name Last Price Market Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Net Profit Total Assets
Larsen 1,124.20 157,402.02 65,723.86 5,453.74 55,481.86
Adani Ports 388.50 80,456.48 4,878.86 3,100.61 35,559.31
Siemens 1,272.75 45,325.21 10,808.82 2,888.04 6,581.90
BHEL 130.30 31,892.23 28,222.21 495.86 32,383.99
ABB India 1,348.95 28,585.38 8,648.37 376.25 3,882.82
NBCC (India) 211.10 18,999.00 6,279.39 351.10 1,673.62
GMR Infra 17.50 10,562.90 1,179.77 -3,684.11 14,855.92
Thermax 879.75 10,482.78 3,763.65 144.83 2,475.98
EngineersInd 160.20 10,123.22 1,448.64 325.04 2,775.96
BEML 1,885.60 7,852.49 2,834.66 84.44 2,604.91
IRB Infra 217.30 7,637.01 3,412.54 203.24 5,584.52
Jaiprakash Asso 23.75 5,777.09 6,219.02 -4,361.57 25,822.84
Essar Ports 130.70 5,597.31 34.63 0.60 2,851.67
Sadbhav Engg 287.65 4,935.23 3,320.31 187.85 2,530.22
Sadbhav Infra 99.95 3,520.49 285.45 41.16 2,608.16
Va Tech Wabag 625.00 3,411.11 1,798.38 74.98 943.92
ILandFS Trans 82.05 2,699.12 3,400.65 236.39 13,384.56
Jaypee Infra 17.00 2,361.19 962.14 -876.38 14,195.67
Texmaco Rail 92.45 2,029.99 1,154.52 33.57 1,363.99
MEP Infra 98.00 1,593.18 780.84 17.68 965.95
Titagarh Wagons 115.80 1,336.86 349.18 19.28 938.19
BGR Energy 145.90 1,052.84 3,438.04 44.15 3,303.43
Power Mech 535.00 787.03 1,291.16 63.68 752.32
Punj Lloyd 22.30 747.60 3,854.68 -850.58 5,431.34
Rel Ind Infra 487.35 735.90 93.21 16.42 312.85
Texmaco Infra 52.15 664.53 14.58 14.69 413.22
Arvind Smart 137.10 389.49 90.02 21.28 248.61
Lanco Infratech 0.90 298.27 1,634.90 -889.52 8,525.37
Era Infra Eng 1.50 49.74 1,210.73 -1,295.03 6,044.90
SKIL Infra 28.90 31.04 0.04 -171.34 4,722.94

Technical Aspect of Multibagger Stock Punj Lloyd

Multibagger stock Punj Lloyd can give you huge return on your investment. If you have the courage and patience, only then you can invest. Punj Lloyd has been laggard for many years and it is time to move up from this level. So, my view is to invest in this jackpot stock for a target of 590, if you can hold for another 5 years.

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For short-term trader, you can buy it for a target of 30 and keep Stop Loss at 17.50. If you are a long-term investor then you can expect it to touch 45 and then 65. In the meantime, you can trail your Stop Loss and keep an eye on it for a target of 80.

It may face resistance at around 80, so, you can take partial profit if you wish too, else sit tight. Next target is 145+ if it manages to break 80 level and consolidates at these levels. If all goes well, then Punj Lloyd may touch 220 and then 300. Ultimate and Final target will be 590+.

Do you know any other multibagger stocks? Share with us in the comments section below.

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4 thoughts on “Turn 10K into 2.5 Lakhs With Multibagger Stock Punj Lloyd

  1. Mohit

    I have punj Lloyd 6000 shares @200 rs since 2009, do you really think it will reach 590 in five years, surely I hope so

    1. Ratan Kumar Post author

      Keep Punjlloyd in your portfolio. It is one of my favorite stocks that has the potential to become a multibagger.

  2. Amit

    Hi Ratan,

    Are you still bullish on PunjLoyd? Currently it’s at 2.30 a-piece. If you are bullish I wish to buy for 10k and hold for an 6 months to 1 year? Please suggest.


    1. Ratan Kumar Post author

      Punj Lloyd is a penny stock and if you are willing to take a risk then go ahead.
      Its lifetime high is 656 and presently it has broken all technical levels.

      Your risk will be only 10K and so it is up to you to take the decision. It has first resistance at around 3.35. Moreover, you need to increase the holding period to at least 5 years.

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