Stocks in Play

Stocks in Play are those stocks that I am planning to invest in for the short to medium-term as an investment horizon.

Once all of my entry criteria are met, I’ll start to accumulate these stocks in small chunks.

I selected these stocks based on a pure price action trading strategy.

In fact, I use Support & Resistance, Demand & Supply Zone, Trendlines, and Candlestick chart patterns as tools.

Normally, I look for range breakout followed by a retest, and lastly look for candlestick rejection near my favorable zones or area of value.

Stocks to Watch

Date: 7th July 2021

IBulHsgFin – Indiabulls Housing Finance

I have added IBulHsgFin to my stock watchlist and watching its movement.

I was waiting for the breakout. Now, as soon as it comes to the area of value, I will buy IBulHsgFin.

क्यों IBulHsgFin शेयर की कीमत ऊपर जाने के लिए तैयार है?

इंडियाबुल्स हाउसिंग फाइनेंस स्टॉक प्राइस के बारे में आप क्या सोचते हैं?



Date: 27th June 2021

ZEEL – Zee Entertainment 

As per my trade setup, I am looking forward to investing in ZEEL.

So, if ZEEL closes above 232 support by an increase in volume, then I will buy some shares with an initial Stop Loss at around 175.

If it moves as per my trade setup, then I will keep trail my Stop Loss.



Date: 13th June 2021

1. Reliance

Reliance looks strong in the chart and breaks downward trendline and retested followed by a bullish candle.

So, I am looking to go long in Reliance above 2235 for the First Target of 2365 and 2nd Target of 2495

2. Tata Motors

Tata Motors is strongly bullish and ready for a breakout. I am planning to add some shares of TataMotors to my portfolio.

Entry Criteria:

Long Only- TataMotors looks strong above 361 for a target of 600 However, I will book partial profit near short term resistance levels @ 432,485,550, and final 600



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This post does not contain any BUY or SELL recommendations. Technical analysis studies presented here are to help viewers understand the price movement of shares or indexes with real-life examples.

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