Live Trading Calls

Live trading calls are the intraday recommendation on equity, future & options, commodities, and currency. All the calls are given based on technical analysis and on a real-time basis when stock markets are open.

We use the best day trading strategies using different technical indicators and oscillators. As soon as any technical parameters match, calls will get generated that help you to make money in the stock markets.

Key Features – Live Trading Calls

One recommendation daily and depending on the market condition it can go up to 2 or more.
Calls will be given on liquid stocks that have strong volume.
All calls will get updated on a real-time basis
Intraday trading is very risky and so trade with strict stop loss.

Live Trading Calls – India, US, Europe – 19 Sep 2018

NSE – India

Time: 11.50 am IST | Conditional Call

BankNifty Future Day Trading Calls

Short BankNifty Sep Future if it closes below 26490 for a Target of 26370-26200 with an initial Stop Loss at 26525. 

Long BankNifty Sep Future if it closes above 26690 for a Target of 26855-26970 with an initial Stop Loss at 26670

Nifty Future Day Trading Calls

Short Nifty Sep Future if it closes below 11340 for a Target of 11300-11255 with initial Stop Loss at 11360.

Long Nifty Sep Future if it closes above 11355 for a Target of 11395-11450 with initial Stop Loss at 11330.

* Trail stop loss to flow with the trend.

* You can book profit if 30-50 points achieved or wait for it to hit the target.


Past Performance – Intraday Trading Calls

Day traders can also screen stocks using BuzzingStock Screener. It suggests you whether a stock is bullish or bearish on a real-time basis that helps you to take a trading decision. Furthermore, it uses different technical strategies like Moving Averages, OHL, 52 Week High Low, Previous Day High Low, and much more.

If you can subscribe to our premium services, where we will advise you relevant to stock market investment. We will analyze your portfolio, suggest you on positional, and multi-bagger picks to make money.


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