FIIs Favourite Stocks in Indian Stock Market

5 Top FIIs Favourite Stocks in Indian Stock Markets [June 2019]

Do you want to know the FIIs favourite stocks in Indian stock markets NSE?

Making money from the stock market is very risky and you need to have that skill to print money out of it.

However, if you flow with the trend, then you will more likely to make money. So, you need to follow the trend and trend are normally set by FIIs or Foreign Institutional Investors.

FIIs brings huge money to the system that allows you to ride. So, if you track their trading and investment pattern, you are more likely to make money.

You need to go along with them instead of betting against them. However, there are many other factors which impact the stock price and you must check them also.

As we cannot track FIIs activities on a real-time basis and so you also need to consider other parameters as well.

However, FIIs normally invest with a long-term perspective. If FIIs are buying in a particular stock and also increasing their holding position then it is a good sign for you.

So, I list out 5 of the top FIIs favourite stocks in Indian stock markets. They hold more than 50 per cent in these stocks.

Top FIIs Favourite Stocks [June 2019]

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HDFC – Housing Development Finance Corporation (74.69%)

FIIs Favourite Stocks HDFC

FII and FPI have increased their holdings by 2.25% of holdings in Jun 2019 qtr.

HDFC is one of the top FIIs favourite stocks where their holding is 74.69% as of June 2019 qtr. Apart from that, Mutual Funds holds around 7.99% and other institutional investors hold around 6.78%.


AXIS Bank (48.24%)


FIIs Favourite Stocks Axis Bank


FIIs hold more than 48% in Axis Bank while Mutual Funds houses have 15.81% as of June 2019.

IBULHSGFIN – Indiabulls Housing Finance (56.19%)



Indiabulls Housing Finance is yet another FIIs favourite stocks. Their holding is approximately 56.19%. Promoters holding is 21.66% as of June 2019. Other institutional investors hold 10.86%.


INDUSINDBK – IndusInd Bank (53.53%)


FIIs and FPI holding is 53.53% as of June 2019 qtr in IndusInd Bank. Promoters and Mutual Funds hold 16.8% and 8.31% respectively.


SRTRANSFIN – Shriram Transport Finance Company (50.94%)

FIIs and FPIs have increased their holdings by 1.64% of holdings in June 2019 qtr and is holding around 50.94%. Moreover, promoters holding is stood at 26.08% in Shriram Transport Finance.

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Before you invest in these stocks, make sure you remain invested for at least 5 years. These are long-term bets and hold them for a longer duration.

Who hold these 5 stocks in your portfolio?

If you haven’t, then go ahead now and invest at your earliest.

Either way, do let us know your view on these stocks in the comment box.

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Published on: May 15, 2019

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