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By | October 17, 2017

Do you know that India is presently one of the top three fastest growing economies of the world? Due to increase in energy needs, India’s industrialization is expanding and Coal India is also generating more power.

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Coal is the raw material for major infrastructure industries like Power, Steel, and Cement. It meets around 55% of primary commercial energy needs in India. Around 70% of India’s power generation is coal based and is the 3rd largest coal producer in the world.

About Multibagger Jackpot Stocks – Coal India Limited (CIL)

Coal India Limited (CIL) is the single largest coal producer in the world with a modest production of 79 Million Tonnes (Mt) at the year of its inception. CIL is operating through 82 mining areas. It has 7 wholly owned coal producing subsidiaries and 1 mine planning and consultancy company spread over 8 provincial states of India.

Coal India Limited (CIL) was granted the Maharatna recognition in April 2011. It produces around 84% of India’s overall coal production and feeds 98 out of 101 coal-based thermal power plants in India. CIL supplies for more than 76% of total thermal power generating capacity of the Utility sector

Coal India is a holding company with seven wholly owned coal producing subsidiary companies and one mine planning & consultancy company. It identifies coal reserves, detailed exploration followed by design and implementation and optimizing operations for coal extraction in its mines.

Coal India Limited (CIL) supplies to Power and Steel sectors. It also supplies coal to others sectors, including Cement, Fertiliser, Brick Kilns, and small-scale industries.

CIL is acquiring metallurgical and high CV thermal coal assets from outside India to meet the increasing demands in the country. The strategic intent is to acquire, explore, develop and operate the coal blocks or mines and import the produces to India.

Since import of good quality of coal grades is inevitable, CIL, being the nation’s leading energy supplier, is positioning itself in foreign coal producing countries to secure the supplies of domestically scarce grades of coal. Due to this, CIL is acquiring stakes in operating mines along with long-term offtake rights as short-term strategy and total acquire a majority of stake in greenfield coal assets as part of a medium to long-term strategy.

Rating & Awards

Rating of ‘A+’ & ‘AAA’ indicating adequate safety with regard to timely payment of interest and principal, awarded by CRISIL in respect of the Rs. 4,000 million bond issue by Coal India Limited (CIL).

CIL has been awarded of ‘Mini Ratna’ and ‘Navratna’ status by the Department of Public Enterprises, GoI, for operational efficiency and financial strength, which affords greater operational freedom and autonomy in decision making.

Products and Services

COKING COAL: It is mainly used in steel-making and metallurgical industries.

SEMI COKING COAL: It is mainly used as blend-able coal in steel making, merchant coke manufacturing, and other metallurgical industries.

NON-COKING COAL: It is used as thermal grade coal for power generation and also used for cement, fertilizer,  glass, ceramic, paper, chemical and brick manufacturing, and for other heating purposes.

WASHED AND BENEFICIATED COAL: It is Used in manufacturing of hard coke for steel making beneficiated and washed non-coking coal is used mainly for power generation. Beneficiated non-coking coal is used by cement, sponge iron and other industrial plants.

MIDDLINGS: Used for power generation and used by domestic fuel plants, brick manufacturing units, cement plants, industrial plants, etc.

REJECTS: Used for Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) Boilers for power generation, road repairs, briquette (domestic fuel) making, landfilling, etc.

CIL COKE / LTC COKE: CIL Coke / LTC Coke used in furnaces and kilns of industrial units and also used as domestic fuel by halwais, hotels, etc.

Used in industrial furnaces as well as for domestic purposes


Mainly used in furnaces, boilers, power-houses, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and more.

Peer Competitors


Name Market Cap.
(Rs. cr.)
Net Profit Total Assets
Coal India 180,666.64 165.53 16,343.53 15,533.35
Vedanta 72,219.95 29,810.62 5,471.88 83,500.27
NMDC 41,019.84 6,455.80 3,028.33 31,607.99
MOIL 4,498.42 628.74 172.98 3,453.37
Guj Mineral 3,901.86 1,205.19 236.76 3,366.72
Indian Metals 1,570.60 1,211.30 -54.76 1,702.06
Orissa Minerals 1,296.54 10.63 834.95
Maithan Alloys 1,240.59 1,150.80 79.03 493.64
Ashapura Mine 633.69 592.49 64.69 -137.30
Shirpur Gold 321.53 3,895.34 13.75 558.22
20 Microns 167.61 335.48 9.34 225.49
Parrys Sugar 124.86 291.21 -25.99 81.97
Rohit Ferro Tec 81.92 1,430.24 -484.08 2,193.59
Hira Ferro 62.39 212.76 2.71 198.46
Oswal Minerals 22.40 773.40 2.64 165.24
Impex FerroTech 16.27 271.96 -81.37 346.34
Resurgere Mines 9.94 0.36 -67.04 539.05
AML Steel 5.10 126.48 0.05 137.26
Niraj Ispat 0.60


Coal India Limited (CIL), one of the multibagger jackpot stock have fastest earnings and sales growth rate. It also produces high-grade products with high-profit margins and has strong management.

CIL seems to be one of those which will double your money very soon as the stock is fundamentally very strong and valuation also looks good. The idea is to limit your losses and maximise gains by keeping tabs on multibagger jackpot stocks like CIL.

Clearly, CIL is the market leader and continue dominating the segment with a net profit of more than 16k.

Technically CIL looks very strong in the chart and even likely to break out. You can expect a short-term target of 340. Once it becomes stable it will give more return to you. Final target price of CIL stock price is 450+. So watch the stock closely as it moving upward gradually.


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CIL plays a key role in “India Growth Story” and making India incorporate globally competitive. Both fundamentally and technically the stock looks very promising to the value investor. Invest your hard earned money and you will surprise to see that your money will double. Just invest and relax.

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