Day Trading For Living

Are you willing to do day trading like professional traders in the stock market?

If it is so, then you have come to the right place. You’ll trade like a professional trader after attending the “Day Trading For Living” training program.

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You will learn how to quickly pick stocks that are likely to make money for you. Moreover, the training program allows you to win over by identifying the winning trade set up.

To be successful in intraday trading, entry and exit are crucial and critical. Apart from the basics of trading, we let you trade with confidence. We make sure that you trade with conviction enough to make a profitable trade by yourself.

90% of traders lose money in day trading and only 10% of them are succeeding. Having said that, it totally depends on you where you want to place yourself. Your personality, disciplined trading and other day trading factors decide whether you will be a loser or winner.

You won’t find any magic formula that helps you to make money from intraday trading. However, with discipline trading and following key day trading rules makes you a successful trader.

“Day Trading For Living” training program lets you know detailed know-how on technical analysis and trade set up. You will be able to find quick intraday opportunities and take winning trades.

Technical analysis lets you know and predict the future direction of the share price. It includes theories and tools that help you to take a decision before any trade.

Day Trading For Living – Key Takeaways

Session Time: 16 Hours, Training Fee: 4,999/-

  • Basics of technical analysis
  • Select stocks for intraday trading
  • Chart Types – Stock Market
  • Top Technical Indicators
  • Top Technical Oscillators
  • Trend analysis – Key to successful trading
  • Support, Resistance, and Volumes
  • Entry, Exit, and Stop Loss
  • Risk-Rewards management
  • Intraday Trading Strategies

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