Are you looking for day trading training course so that you can start investing in the stock market? If you’re a newbie then, I will guide you step by step that helps you to be a pro trader.

I will be with you from opening Demat and Trading Account to punching your first trade. I provide stock market day trading training course in Guwahati that enables you to trade with conviction.

If you are already aware of the stock market and losing continuously, then just follow us.

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Follow Trend – Day Trading Training

90% of traders lose money in the stock markets. It doesn’t matter whether bull or bear attacks the stock market. Do you know why?

Simple! They do not follow the trend and believe me “Trend is a Friend”. So, just follow the trend and start printing money.

However, knowing a trend is an art and you need skills and techniques. You need to decode the technicals analysisfundamentals, candlestick patterns, and behavior of stocks.

So, if you want to follow the trend, then just follow us. We will guide and advise you to trade at the right time and right stocks.

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Before you dive into trading, let me tell you a short story of a stock market trader.

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Story ………….

I was traveling from Guwahati to Goa for a trip and waiting for flights to take off. One gentleman was sitting beside me and looks like he messed up something.

I asked generously, whether he needs any help. He was tensed and feeling very odd at that time.

Suddenly he broke out his silence and told me that he loses a big chunk of his investment in the stock market.

I told him that 90% of the stock traders lose money. I am also a trader and continuously loses money in the past. So, you need to follow investment strategies to make money from the stock market.

You know what, the moment I buy any stock, it started to go down. When I sell the stock, it started to go up and I end up with frustrations. Sounds familiar? I know these things happened to you also.

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Basically, a stock or market follows some patterns and moves in trends. It may either go up, down or may remain flat. So, to earn from the stock market you need to catch up with the trend.

You are losing money because maybe your trade setup needs some correction. Apart from the trend, there are many other factors that may impact the stock movement.

So, identifying a trend is the most challenging part while trading. Intraday trading is a risky business and if your heart is not strong enough then say “GoodBye” to your trading career. So, risk management is yet another and important thing that you must keep in mind.

You can screen the stocks using the stock screener before you trade. However, if you are future lovers like Nifty, BankNifty, or any stock future trading then just follow live trading calls.

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You need to be 200% discipline and strictly follow the rules of the game before you start trading in the stock market.

We follow the trend, and it helps us to reach our trading goals.

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