Dishman Carbogen Share Price Multibagger stock

Can Dishman Carbogen Share Price Makes You a Crorepati?

Do you know that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the veteran Indian investor holds around 91 Crore in Dishman Carbogen share price?

Apart from that, Dishman Carbogen’s share price is already skyrocketed.

However, it is just a trailer, and you can expect a strong rally ahead.

In the monthly chart, DCAL’s share price has formed an ABC pattern and gives a breakout as well.

So, it looks amazing both fundamentally and technically.

Well, then let’s dig it out and find out why Rakesh Jhunjhunwala added DCAL to his portfolio.

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About Dishman Carbogen

Dishman Carbogen or DCAL started manufacturing quaternary ammonium and phosphate compounds in 1983.

It became one of the fastest-growing companies when ventured into the CRAMS space in India.

Today, DCAL is a leading global outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a portfolio of development, scale-up, and manufacturing services.

DCAL aids drug innovators for development and process optimization for novel drug molecules in various stages of the development process.

Once the innovative molecules are approved, Dishman Carbogen further explores the possibility of large scale commercial supply tie-ups.

Its robust business model is capable of sustaining growth, with CRAMS being the focus of all its strategic efforts.

Business Area of DCAL

Dishman Carbogen is a fully integrated CRAMS player working with global pharmaceutical innovators.

It has a global presence with development and manufacturing facilities across Europe, India, and China.

Moreover, it provides end-to-end, integrated, high-value, niche CRAMS offering, right from process research & development to late-stage clinical and commercial manufacturing facilities.

Furthermore, DCAL also supplies Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to innovator pharmaceutical companies.

Dishman Carbogen Products and Services

  • Vitamin D & Analogues
  • Disinfectants
  • Highly Potent API Supply
  • Niche Generic API
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • History and Milestones

Growth Trajectory – Dishman Carbogen

1983: Incorporation of Dishman Pharmaceutical and Chemicals Limited.
1989: Commencing production of Phase Transfer Catalysts at Naroda facility.
1995: Entered into a JV with Schutz & Co. for manufacturing Chlorhexidine and Derivatives for the European market.
1996: Commencement of Bavla facility for Bulk Intermediates.
2001: First commercial contract manufacturing agreement signed with a major western pharmaceutical company.
2004: Came out with an IPO on Indian stock exchanges.
2005: Acquisition of Synprotec – DCR (now known as CARBOGEN AMCIS Ltd, UK).
2006: Acquisition of CARBOGEN AMCIS – a Swiss-based CRAMS player.
2007: Acquisition of Solvay Pharmaceuticals’ Vitamins and Chemicals business (now known as CARBOGEN AMCIS BV).
2010: Commenced Dishman Shanghai manufacturing facility.
2012: Acquisition of Riom (France) – CARBOGEN AMCIS SAS.
2014: Acquisition of Vionnaz (CH) site – CARBOGEN AMCIS.
2017: Change of name of the parent to Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited, reinforcing the synergies between Dishman and Carbogen Amcis brands.
2020: Global Reorganization of Roles and Responsibilities of the Management Team.

Key Numbers: Dishman Carbogen Amcis

Peer Comparison of Dishman Carbogen

Latest Shareholding Pattern of Dishman Carbogen

Latest Shareholding Pattern of Dishman Carbogen

DCAL or Dishman Carbogen has a high promoter holding of 59.32% which is good for retail investors.

Dishman Carbogen Amc has a Debt to Equity ratio of 0.11, which is a strong indication for the company to grow.

However, DCAL has shown a poor profit growth of -284.50% and also shown poor revenue growth of -24.03% for the past 3 years.

Even, DCAL has a poor ROE of -0.99% and ROCE of 0.57% respectively over the past 3 years.

Before you invest in any company, make sure EPS is growing faster than revenue numbers as it indicates the management is increasing the efficiency with which it runs the company.

In Dishman Carbogen Amc, the EPS growth was -704.77 % which is not good for the company at the present moment.

Veteran Investors Holding in Dishman Carbogen Amcis

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds shares worth more than 91 Crore in Dishman Carbogen.

Even Mukul Agarwal also holds nearly 73 Crores in DCAL shares.

So, when these veteran investors invest in a company, they do all the due diligence before risk a single penny.

However, they have their own risk management and so you should not follow them blindly.

Even they also make losses and exit from the stocks which don’t perform in the future.

So, it is wise to check all the fundamentals and technicals before you invest.

What Chart is Saying About Dishman Carbogen Share Price

Dishman Carbogen Share Price Target 2022 Chart


Do you know chart speaks everything?

It doesn’t matter whether you know how to extract information from financial data or not.

Even you don’t need to follow what others are investing in.

Just master chart reading skills and you’re done.

The chart helps you to avoid the market noise and keeps you in the right direction.

So, without wasting your precious time, let’s dig into Dishman Carbogen’s share price in the chart.

Well from the above chart you can see that the share price of DCAL is in a downtrend since its listing in exchange.

However, it shows recovery and formed a pattern that I look for any stock price to reverse.

After a downtrend, it is forming Higher High and Higher Low patterns which signifies an uptrend.

So, I strongly believe that Dishman Carbogen’s share price target is much higher in the coming years or so.

Now, as the trend is up so I will be looking for buying opportunities only.

However, where to enter is very crucial so that risk will be minimum.

Well, I am planning to buy DCAL shares near the upward trendline only if it shows some kind of rejection in that zone.

I will wait for it to come to my zone and then only I will buy and hold the stock for at least one year or so.

Wherever I enter, my Stop Loss is at around 100 and if goes below 100 then my trade setup will fail.

Dishman Carbogen Share Price Target 2022

By the end of 2022, I am expecting Dishman Carbogen Stock price likely to hit my target of around 380+.

I will put Stop Loss at around 100 and will exit from my position if it closes below 100 on a daily closing basis.

I will set my target open as I am strongly bullish on Dishman Carbogen Amcis.


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