Banknifty support and resistance level

BankNifty: Key Support and Resistance Level

BankNifty Support and Resistance Level

16th Dec 2020

BankNifty is in strong uptrend and my personal view on BankNifty is bullish medium to long-term.
However, you can expect correction soon. So, for swing traders and investors correction may provide you an opportunity to enter.

That’s why you need to know from where BankNifty might bounce back. So, I draw key diagonal Support and Resistance level.
Wait for these levels and when price rejects this price level, you may get an opportunity to make money.

BankNifty: Key Support and Resistance Level by AkmeAnalytics on

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Ratan Kumar

Ratan Kumar, an enthusiast stock market trader & blogger. He is the founder of akme. Forecasting stock market moves with the use of technical analysis since 2008. For the technical trader & investor, new or experienced, he provides legitimate and valuable advisory from day trading to long-term investment horizon and helped thousands of investors to make money out of the stock market.

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