5 Mutual Funds That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

5 Mutual Funds That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Do you have some cash and wants to invest it in the stock market to gain good returns out of it? But what if you don’t have the skills to invest in stock markets? If you want to earn from the stock market, then you need to learn how to make money online in share market trading. Don’t worry, you can invest your hard earned money to mutual funds that will actually make your life better. 

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Basically, fund managers manage your money along with other retail investors. They collect and combine the money of several investors and invests this in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. 

When you invest in a mutual fund you get a proportional share of the fund’s gains, losses, income, and expenses. Investing through mutual funds has become such a popular way of investing because you do not require to gain knowledge in stock markets.

There are thousands of funds available, so I shortlist 5 best Mutual Funds that really help you to make money from stock market.

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ICICI Pru Top 100 Fund (G) – Mutual Funds 

One of the best Mutual Funds options for you is ICICI Prudential Top 100 Fund. You can choose either Growth or Dividend option and is also an open-ended diversified equity fund.

Furthermore, you can start with the minimum investment amount of Rs. 5000/- only. It generally comprises large-cap stocks and representing the core of the market.

The Fund managers invest your money in large, and profitable companies and so ensure risk diversification of your funds. It allows you to invest in a portfolio targeted large-cap stocks to build long-term wealth. 

Kotak Select Focus Fund – Regular (G) – Mutual Funds

You can invest in Kotak Select Focus Fund for a higher return on your investment. This fund will generate a long-term capital appreciation of your funds from a portfolio of equity, especially focused on a few selected sectors.

If you are seeking long-term capital growth related to stock market focussed on a few selected sectors, then it is suitable for you.

Crisil ranked 1 to Kotak Select Focus Fund in Large Cap category.

SBI Blue Chip Fund (G)

SBI Blue Chip Fund comprises mainly large-cap stocks, with substantial market share & leadership in their respective industries. It aims to provide you with opportunities for long-term growth in a diversified basket of equity stocks of companies.

Currently, the fund is a predominantly large cap with opportunistic allocations to high conviction midcaps (up to 20%).

If you want exposure to blue-chip Indian companies from a medium to long-term perspective, then this fund is best suitable for you. Crisil ranked 1 to SBI Blue Chip Fund Large Cap category.

Furthermore, it is a great fund to invest and so, without wasting time you can try it to earn from stock markets.

Birla Sun Life Small and Midcap Fund (G)

Birla Sun Life Small and Midcap Fund lets your investment to grow and generate a consistent return for you. This fund focus only on equity and equity-related securities of companies considered to be small and midcap.

Its main objective is to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation for you by investing in equity shares. 

Furthermore, the Scheme may also invest a certain portion of its corpus in fixed income securities in order to meet liquidity requirements from time to time. The scheme is ranked 1 in Small & Mid Cap category by Crisil.

DSP-BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – RP (G)

DSP-BlackRock Micro Cap Fund – RP is an open-ended diversified equity growth scheme. It generates long-term capital appreciation for you. These stocks are not part of the top 300 companies by market capitalization. 

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The scheme is ranked 1 in Small & Mid Cap category by Crisil. You can invest in this fund as the minimum investment amount is also very low.

So, you have decided where to put your hard-earned money. If you know any other good mutual funds then please share in the comments section. 

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Published on: Oct 5, 2017

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